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Response International is pleased to announce the completion of  300 permanent dwellings, benefiting 300 families or approximately 2,400 individuals, all displaced victims of the 2010 floods, in partnership with UNHCR [High Commission for Refugees]; enabling RI to extend crisis recovery work in the Sindh Province into 2012.  This contract came at a time when we had concluding our five WASH (water and sanitation health) programmes, which have delivered assistance to 101,500 individuals, in the form of clean drinking water.  

As ever, we are grateful to our many donors who continue to entrust us to deliver in the face of this humanitarian crisis; as we are grateful to our standing MTAG [medical and technical advisors group] for professional advise and ‘in the field’ monitoring of programmes; often conducted subject to arduous conditions. 

Through the generosity of UK trusts, individuals and institutional donors, we have raised and spent nearly 2million$US for emergency relief since floods hit Pakistan in July 2010.

Photography courtesy of Reuters/ Soomro

A family of flood victims stand in front of their damaged house while taking refuge in a worn tent in Adam Khan, some 30km (19miles) from Dadu, in Sindh Province.

Photography courtesy of Reuters/ Aziz
Robina, a three year old flood victim, stands outside her family tent at a camp for the internally displaced in Nowshera, north west Pakistan.


Response International is a UK registered charity established in 1993 to support victims of violent conflict.  Our mission is to implement multi-sector programmes for immediate relief to victims of conflict and provide sustainable conditions for longer term development.  We have successfully worked in Angola, Bosnia, Kosovo, Lebanon and Pakistan and have on-going projects in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Response International's projects include:

  • Landmine action
  • Victim rehabilitation
  • Trauma surgery
  • Assisting the return and re-integration of people displaced by war
  • Health care in emergencies,
  • Psychological/social support as part of torture victim rehabilitation
  • Mobility for the disabled
  • Community based healthcare
  • Child protection.


Trustee Announcements:

Jane Davis, a long standing trustee of Response, was awarded an OBE in the Military section of the 2012 New Years Honours for services to Military Medicine.

Jane is a nurse by background and works in the NHS in North East London for the Cardiovascular and Stroke Network, as well as being a Colonel in the Army Medical Services. Jane has been in the TA for over 30 years and currently holds a National role as Med Group Colonel South.

As well as supporting Response, Jane is also involved with another international NGO The Halo Trust.

Jane returned in June 2011 following 6 months mobilised service, during which time she spent three months as the Matron of the Role 3 military hospital at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.


For 17 years Response International's medical staff have worked in war zones and troubled places around the world. Teams of British, US and Irish nurses, doctors, surgeons and landmine action specialists have brought emergency support services to areas of conflict and remained to implement recovery and reconstruction programmes.

Response International was the first organisation to provide surgical teams to live and work in Sarajevo early in the 1995 siege. It was also one of the few organisations, during the early 90s to provide medical assistance within the borders of Chechnya.   In 1996 it assembled medical teams and emergency services support to Lebanon in the immediate aftermath of the "Grapes of Wrath" campaign, becoming for many years the only international organisation with a long-term presence in the south of the country; still providing service during the most recent invasion.

Recognising the devastating effect that landmines and UXO (unexploded ordnance) have on the physical, psychological and social well-being of individuals and whole communities, Response International provides landmines awareness education, survey and rehabilitation of traumatic amputees. Innovative and highly successful minefield paramedic training has been a feature of our mines action programmes, with those involved maintaining and enhancing their clinical skills through regular secondments to local trauma centres.

A major strength of Response International lies in its commitment to the development of sustainable, community-based healthcare. Structured, in-service training programmes for teams of psycho-social workers supporting refugee populations in Tuzla, Bosnia, and for community nurses working in both Tuzla and Southern Lebanon, have greatly enhanced local capacity.



Response International is a partner of long standing to such donors as the UN, EC, USAID, UK/DFID, the Government of Ireland and the US Department of State; all of whom have funded Response International projects.  Individual supporters, corporations and charitable foundations have and continue to give strategically important financial support.

Our medical & technical advisors group [MTAG] all give their services free of charge and represent a high quality professional asset.  Response International prides itself on utilising as many local skills as possible, thereby reducing reliance on international staff to the benefit of local teams.

Response international is a "no frills" organisation and all our resources are devoted to delivering programmes in the field.  Nothing is spent on fund-raising or public relations activities, which means that public awareness and support of our work is limited.

If you would like to become a part of our work - through volunteering, head office tasks and fund raising activities, or donate and register, then please kindly click here;



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Victims of the Pakistan flood


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